Why Leveraging AI Algorithms For Real Estate Is A Smart Decision For Agents

At one point in time, almost everyone has considered becoming a real estate agent. Few actually go through with it, and even fewer of those succeed. You probably scoured the internet looking for the secret tips to success that allow some realtors to succeed. You have likely heard it all before, consistency, learning about the area, staying accountable etc., etc.

But what you want is more practical advice and some useful tools you can use to help kickstart your career. Well, here we will break down a tool that many realtors have begun using to great success in AI for real estate.

The Most Consistent Method For Lead Generation

What we know as artificial intelligence is really called machine learning, a software program that uses lots and lots of data to predict and perform a task without instruction. As you may or may not know, lead generation really just involves receiving and delivering data to interested parties, so AI for real estate services slides right into your existing lead generation strategy without any hiccups.

What really makes AI for real estate software so valuable is the use of social media to generate leads. In a  2022 technological survey by the National Association of REALTORS®

Research Group over 45 percent of realtors stated that their highest quality leads were generated through social media. Unfortunately, outdated lead generation software still almost exclusively relies on email listings and postcards. AI-powered lead generation software automatically creates dynamic social media ads that pop up on Facebook and Google feeds to attract potential customers.

Some realtors are wary of using social media out of fear that their money will be placed on too wide a demographic. Doesn’t everyone use some form of social media these days? Well, that’s what makes AI technology so powerful: it can use geo-targeted keywords to hyperfocus on your desired audience. This means you have a way to exclusively target the people you want to reach on the largest platform of them all: Facebook.

The Best Way To Nurture Your Leads

You might be thinking, I already have a large database of leads, so what do I need AI for real estate software? Well, it turns out that around 70 percent of the average realtor’s leads are sitting dormant. Meaning they aren’t seeing any homes on the market. Even if you have an outreach program that sends emails and texts, plenty of them go unread. Think about it: do you open mass emails often? Probably not, and statistics show only around 17 percent of quality leads arise from email marketing. AI software utilizes Facebook ads to show your entire database of houses you are selling.

Leverage AI Software Today

Hopefully, you can now appreciate the many benefits of AI software for real estate. And guess what this is only scratching the surface of how this technology can benefit your business. We highly recommend you do further research and find a reputable AI company to boost your leads and your revenue.