Is It Worth Spending a Lot of Money on a Gaming Chair?

When most people hear “gaming chair” they picture the low to the ground, curved, legless gaming chair of the past. However, as gaming has evolved into a revenue generating opportunity involving long hours of sitting, so has the gaming chair. Gaming chairs are designed for people sitting for long periods of time and allow for lots of adjustments and support.

Gaming chairs offer additional ergonomic support and a sleek look that is often missing from most office chairs, which is why they are slowly migrating from the gaming room to the board room. There are many benefits that gaming chairs offer over traditional office chairs, they tend to be more expensive but are worth the added expense by offering more support, durability, and style then their office counterparts.

High Back for More Spinal Support

Especially for people suffering from back, hip, or neck pain from long hours of sitting at a desk, a gaming chair can be an excellent option for helping improve posture and support your spine over a long workday. Gaming chairs offer a high full back with added pillows and padding to support the lumbar and neck. The high back of a gaming chair offers more complete spine support versus the low to mid lumbar support of most desk chairs. They also offer a deeper recline option, ideal for napping or even leaning back to work on a cell phone or portable device without having to lean forward and strain your neck.

 More Adjustment Options

Gaming chairs offer more adjustable options than most standard office chairs. They have adjustable armrests, lumbar and neck cushions, height, and tilt options allowing users to find the most comfortable and supportive position based on their personal preference. Adjustable armrests can be useful for office workers looking for additional support for wrists and arms and keeping them in an ergonomic position while using a keyboard or mouse for long hours.

Deep Reclinable Back

One of the most appealing features of a gaming chair is the ability to recline all the way back, great for napping or working on a mobile device without having to hunch over or hold the device at an odd angle.

Heavy, Sturdy, and Durable

Gaming chairs are typically made with a steel frame and the lightest gaming chair is approximately 50 pounds. They are also made of durable faux leather and high-density foam that on average offers a lifetime of 5 or more years even with continuous long-term use.


While a stylish chair may not appeal to all users, gaming chairs offer an aesthetic benefit missing from the many generic office chairs available in black, white, and brown. Gaming chairs come in bold colors and even in some cases with a character theme. They can add some pizzazz to an otherwise bland work environment, which is appealing considering most people spend 40 plus hours a week in that environment.

Overall, gaming chairs offer many benefits that make them work, spending extra for the additional comfort and style that they offer users. Whether you want to go for a normal desk chair or a gaming chair, check out these Cyber Monday desk chair and Cyber Monday gaming chair deals.