GRE Prep: Conquer the Challenge

Are you gearing up for the GRE prep? If yes, then you can be prepared to score high. Taking the GRE requires devotion, effort, and practice.

Fortunately, with the accurate tools and aids it is achievable to surpass the GRE preparation struggle and receive a good valuation in the test.

Important aspects of GRE prep

1. Understanding the Test Structure: GRE is divided into three sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. These sections evaluate one’s skills in Mathematics, spoken language, and Argumentative ability respectively.

It is also vital to get well-versed in question formats like Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence, and Data Interpretation.

2. Official Guide Utilization: Utilization of the Official Guide, released by ETS- Educational Testing Service which organizes the globally accepted GRE test, contains authentic past questions for analysis. It helps to give a true sense of difficulty level and flavour of the exam.

3. Mock Test Regimen: The best manner to evaluate your knowledge is to take periodic trial exams. Going through an entire exam in a situation like the official test boosts your endurance and discovers any areas of vulnerability.

Routinely doing these examinations will give you an understanding of your present status in the lead-up to the leading examination.

4. Holistic Health Care: Without a doubt, education is an important aspect of our lives; however, we should not neglect self-care. To remain at our optimal levels throughout our school year, taking proper breaks is crucial.

This is so that we can tend to our physical and mental well-being. This means setting aside time to make sure we have a healthy and balanced diet and that we are fit. By giving equal attention to both our minds and bodies, we can succeed through our exams.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Overconfidence or Procrastination

Some students believe they have a lot of time for the test. This, however, can be a situation that can put them in trouble. The GRE is not just about knowing the context but also about having the acumen to act.

It is similar to running a marathon; you cannot possibly expect to do well if you begin practice a mere week before. You have to start early to have sufficient time to learn, obtain command, and refine. If you start late, you may very well find yourself being short of time and getting worried.

Thus, an excellent course of action is to develop a study plan and subsequently, hold yourself responsible for completing it and make modifications if needed. Thus, there’s no need to keep avoiding the tasks that should be completed.

2. Ignoring the Basics

It is similar to attempting to read a book without knowing the alphabet. It remains a difficult task, isn’t that so? Corollary to that, jumping directly to the difficult topics of the GRE without understanding the elementary basics can be quite a major blunder.

Basics are the base for comprehending and learning advanced concepts with ease. Skipping them, you may be perplexed when facing up with complex queries.

Spend your time mastering the pragmatic basics, later, once you feel secure, move on to the toughening concepts. In this manner, you would have a strong base to construct upon.

3. Not Reviewing Wrong Answers

We all make mistakes. Nevertheless, when studying, saying “Oops!” and continuing ahead isn’t adequate. If you do that, you could repeat the same blunder while taking the exam. So, whenever you answer something incorrectly, you must stop. Consider what resulted in it.

Was it a careless error? Did you not understand the subject? When you find the basis of the slip-up, you can focus on improving it. It’s a bit like being a sleuth. Uncover the source of the mistake and resolve it.

4. Neglecting Time Management

Picture yourself baking a delicious cake with the given recipe. The recipe mentions that it needs to be in the oven for 30 minutes. However, if you forget the timer and leave it for 45 minutes, the cake might get burned. This is quite similar to the situation in GRE coaching centers.

Sometimes if a student spends too much time on a single question, he/she may not be able to attempt the rest. The solution: practice with a timer.

Learn to manage your time and understand how much to spend on each question. This way, you will be confident of completing all the questions in the actual test.

5. Over-reliance on Memory

The Graduate Record Examination is not exclusively a test of memorization. It’s true, that being able to recall specific terminology can be advantageous, especially in the vocabulary section. Moreover, the GRE evaluates one’s thinking capacity and analytical faculties.

If you solely depend upon the strategy of memorizing, then you might find it challenging to interpret the underlying concepts. Therefore, instead of making memorization your utmost priority, try to interpret and understand why the concept works in such a way.

In this manner, if you overlook a certain detail, your deep comprehension of the concept may be able to help you figure out the answer.

6. Avoiding Certain Sections

We all have subjects that we are either great at or prefer but the GRE is different. You cannot just focus on what you like and avoid the more difficult areas as this isn’t preparing you for the exam.

It would be like filling a bucket with water but leaving a large hole- the water will continue to escape. When you don’t take the time to work on your weaker points, it could drag down your full score.

So, instead of avoiding the more difficult subjects try to master them. You may even end up loving them sooner rather than later!

7. Using Only One Study Source

Consider this as eating food. You will miss out on the other essential nutrients obtained from vegetables, fruits, and so on if you keep eating rice every single day.

Similarly, for preparing for the GRE, if you take references from only one website or book to study, you may miss your hands from different question patterns and strategies.

Therefore, opt for various sources since every source has a different way of making things understandable. Therefore, to a well-rounded preparation guide, mix them up properly. 


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