10 Latest Techniques to Write a Standout Graphic Design Dissertation


Graphic design dissertations use different strategies to prove to readers that today’s businesses cannot exist without this field. Behind every product label, company logo, and visual advertisement, there are always versatile types of designers who show their talent and software expertise to make images that drive user engagement.

The industry is shaping up in 2024 and per the report by Exploding Topics, stands at a whopping amount of $ 48+ billion as of now. In the US, it is annually growing at an average rate of 2.8%. Even a large number of designer jobs have sprouted up on freelancing platforms.

Coming back to the topic, we have assimilated the top 10 best techniques to follow when crafting your graphic design dissertation. Let’s start with a simple definition of the field.

What is Graphic Design?

Per the precise definition given by The Interaction Design Foundation, graphic design is a specialised discipline that offers a certain level of craftsmanship to learners and sharpens their artistic skills. As a graphic designer, one has to ensure that usability and beauty go hand in hand with the design posts you are creating.

There are different types of graphic design styles; some of which are listed here:

  • UX/UI design
  • Packaging design
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Publication graphic design

How to Write a Graphic Design Dissertation?

The structure of graphic design dissertations is specified by the university you are studying in, but the general format requirements are the same. Here are the top ten techniques to make your dissertation shine:

1. Start with Positive Visualisation

One good strategy to follow when starting your dissertation is that you should begin with a positive visualisation of your research. Gather the relevant data and figure out which holes you need to fill in your paper. It is a critical path to finish your paper and helps you complete your work in an organised manner.

2. Plan Your Dissertation

Planning the dissertation saves you from a lot of trouble later when you have to manage the data you collected in the individual chapters of your work. There is nothing better than getting help from dissertation writers online when you have difficulty planning your work. Many students acquire help from such writers to guarantee their dissertations’ acceptance. It shall also save your effort and time.

3. Outline the Logical Flow of Your Work

In the planning stage, outline the major chapters of your dissertation and ensure that there is a logical flow in the work you are about to craft. Link all the sections with other sections. Make use of transition phrases to ensure a logical flow in your work.

4. Set Your Narrative

Starting your dissertation, introduce your topic and mention the aims and objectives in the introduction section. You set your narrative and move on to prove your points in this section. Provide a broader perspective to the readers and show them why your viewpoint is better.

5. Present the Literature Review

Some students feel the need for graphic design dissertation help when curating sources for their work. Use the work of credible authors from the repository of knowledge in your field. Ensure there is a logical link in the work you have gotten from external sources.

6. Formatting of Your Work

The formatting of your dissertation matters the most to readers as it is directly related to the readability of your academic document. Follow all the formatting guidelines in your papers and also adhere to the citation style as recommended by your university.

7. Write Precisely

Precision and brevity shall be the soul of your graphic design dissertation. Your design works should be neat and arranged perfectly while the writing should also be on point. Be as concise as you can in the dissertation you are crafting.

8. Interpret the Peer Review Feedback

Your peer review comments and reference reports often have constructive recommendations that are intended to make your paper better. Pay heed to the feedback comments and improve clarity in your work. Avoid arguing with the referees in your point-by-point answer.

9. Proofread Your Work

After completing the writing part, do not just walk away with the satisfaction that you are done with your dissertation. Instead, relax and unwind and take your time to freshen up. Then, come back to your papers for a final revision session.

10. Final Editing

When you finish writing and revising your dissertation, sit down to edit it thoroughly. Fix all types of grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and design errors. Your graphic design work must be free of all kinds of anomalies when you are crafting your dissertation.

Is There a PhD in Graphic Design?

Yes, it is possible to pursue a PhD in the field of graphic design. Generally, the field is referred to as ‘Graphic Communication’ or ‘Communication Design’. Some universities offer a PhD program in communication with a specialisation in graphic design.

What Are The Research Interests For Graphic Design?

For a graphic designer, having an interest in creativity, visual communication and problem-solving is important. Loughborough University tells about the research interests of graphic design by listing these expertise areas:

  • Graphic memory
  • Social change
  • Creative industries
  • Branding & co-design methodologies
  • Consumption and design inquiry
  • Photo documentation and responsible citizenship

What Are The 4 Types Of Graphic Design?

Graphic design involves the   four fundamental and elementary types of graphic designing are the following:

  1. Graphic design and visual identities
  2. User interface and motion graphic design
  3. Art and illustration for graphic design
  4. Marketing and advertising graphic design

What Are The 7 Rules Of Graphic Design?

The London College of Contemporary Arts specifies the 7 basic rules of graphic designing that can produce high-end results for a brand identity. The graphic design work should have these elements to shine:

  1. Hierarchy
  2. Alignment
  3. Balance
  4. Rhythm
  5. Contrast
  6. Proximity
  7. Space and Colour

Ensure that you also include these elements when you are writing your dissertation on graphic design. These elements highlight your expertise in the field you are studying.

Graphic Design Dissertation Topics in 2024

Topic selection is vital for writing a good and winning dissertation in this field of study. Some graphic designing topics that are trending in this research area in 2024 are the following:

  • Analyse the evolution of graphic design in the contemporary world and trace it through innovations and recent trends.
  • Evaluate the field of design for diversity and address the inclusivity in the field.
  • Highlight the effect of colour psychology in graphic design and provide a study on consumer perception and branding.
  • Describe how exciting and innovative graphic designs can attract several online gamers.
  • How the Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be integrated into the field of graphic design? Explain the list of implications and possibilities.

Graphic Design Dissertation Examples

In case, you need graphic design dissertation ideas to study before you start working, here are a few examples that you can study:

  • Describe the ways the historical designs can affect the recent 21st-century trends in the graphic design industry.
  • How can you use motion graphics to improve the visual design, and product packaging of a product?
  • Explore a variety of effects that graphic designs, particularly marketing designs had on the global culture.


So, when you feel stuck while writing your graphic design dissertation, follow the guidelines we have mentioned in this article and seek feedback on your work from your research fellows and peers. Your dissertation should reflect your expertise as a designer and show that you have developed the right skills for the job.

The graphic design dissertation writing tips are sufficient to help you craft a stellar document. Since the industry is constantly changing, designers should have an adaptable mindset and evolve in their careers. The need for an expert helping hand cannot be denied in any case, hence ask for graphic design dissertation help from The Academic Papers UK. They have skilled writers and a quality assurance team to rescue you when you need professional assistance.